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Eastman Uptown Archtop

Eastman Uptown, model AR810ce, 2007 for sale. Asking for $1500, please contact Stewart Langner at for more details.

Guitars for Sale

Aria Concert Classical

Price: CAD $950.00 (will consider part trade, or part trade part cash)

Aria Concert Classical - AC-35

US$1,419.00 (CAD$1877.00)
Reg. Price US$1,899.00 (CAD$2512.00)

Made in Spain to Shiro Arai's exact specifications, the ARIA CONCERT Classical guitars (AC Series) are hand-crafted using traditional Spanish techniques passed down through generations. Solid, one piece tops give these traditional guitars deep, rich tone and ideal resonance. Bindings, center-stripes and all decorations include rosetta and hand-carved wood.

Scale: 650mm
Top: Solid Red Cedar
Back & Sides: Sapelli Fingerboard: Rosewood
Case: soft Ritter backpack case included


I’ve repaired and refinished this guitar, which had two cracks in the face. My name is Tim Cornish and I can receive text messages at (587) 577-8615, or through Instagram’s @tim.cornish account, or email me at Cheers.

CSSA Non-Competitive String Festival

Dear Teachers, Parents and Students,

CSSA is pleased to announce the 2020 CSSA Non-competitive String Festival.  The festival will take place on April 17 & 18 2020 at St. Giles Presbyterian Church - 1102 - 23rd Ave NW Calgary, Alberta.

We will be having the following adjudicators:

Margot Jewell - Violin (Viola/Cello)
Paul Madryga - Guitar

Registration for the festival is now open and you can find the registration forms below.  Check the attachments carefully.  There is one form for violin registrations and one form for guitar registrations.  Please fill out and return the appropriate form.  Violas and Cellos please use the violin registration form.

Once again we will be having a special ensemble workshop for violin, viola, cello and guitar students together on Friday April 17 from 6:30 -9:00pm.  Further details of the festival are included on the forms.

Registration deadline is March 20, 2020.

Thanks so much,
CSSA Board